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About GSO Investment Incentive and Government Support Portal (TEDEPORT)

GSO Investment, Incentive and Government Support Portal (TEDEPORT) has been launched within our chamber in order to enable investors and entrepreneurs to obtain information on current supports and investment incentives from all government agencies in different subjects and sectors.

TEDEPORT, which is an important platform not only for entrepreneurs in Turkey but also for potential entrepreneurs in the countries of the region, is conducted in cooperation with the German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ) and GSO.

With the TEDEPORT Incentive and Support Portal, in which the government supports published by 26 government agencies that provide support for investment and entrepreneurship processes are listed categorically, entrepreneurs;

  • Can easily access the supports provided and choose the support that suits them best.
  • Moreover, by filtering subject, sector, institution and city basis, can quickly and easily access the subjects they need and the most up-to-date information they are interested in, in Turkish, English and Arabic languages.

The aforementioned portal serves a guide, with being a special category has been created for export-oriented government supports and incentives.

For Detailed Information: https://www.tedeport.org/

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