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Gaziantep Model Factory, within the scope of the project aiming to establish an Applied SME Competence Center (Model Factory) in Turkey; It was implemented in cooperation with Gaziantep Chamber of Industry (GSO) and United Nations Development Program (UNDP). Model Factory is a factory developed to be a model for the industry. It has a real product, the machinery and equipment necessary for its production, and production processes. With the theoretical and applied curriculum prepared through these production processes, it enables businesses to experience the 3 phases of the transformation that must be experienced on the way to Industry 4.0 by applying them to their decision makers and leaders, and opens the horizon for them to initiate the transformation in their own businesses.

A digital market scale was chosen as a product in Gaziantep Model Factory. Three different production technologies are used in the production of scales. These; plastic injection technology, machining technology and sheet metal processing technology and thus Gaziantep Model Factory is Turkey's most comprehensive Model Factory. Model Factory, through these technologies and production processes, experiences applications that will appeal to every manufacturing industry independent of the sectors, as the initial stage of the transformation, first the traditional production conditions, then the lean production conditions where the lean transformation is implemented, and finally the lean digital production systems in which the Industry 4.0 digital elements are integrated. Thus, a roadmap and systematic approach are presented for businesses to initiate the transformation.


T.C. Minister of Industry and Technology Mr. Mustafa Varank in the 2023 Industrial and Technology Strategy Report, for turkey, the leading turkey producing high technology and added value, not the market, with the contributions of stakeholders, the strategic report will be the roadmap for realizing Turkey's vision of "National Technology Strong Industry", as well as "High Technology and Innovation", "Digital Transformation and Industrial Action",  In line with our strategy consisting of 5 main components: "Entrepreneurship", "Human Capital" and "Infrastructure", he stated that our country will be moved to the 2023 targets in the fields of industry and technology.

Target Audience: Manufacturing industrial enterprises, especially SMEs

Project Owner: Ministry of Industry and Technology, General Directorate of Industry and Efficiency

The main purpose of this project is to implement the model factory in Gaziantep, which is an effective tool for sustainable increase of the productivity of manufacturing enterprises, especially SMEs.