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General Secretary


  • The General Secretary arranges and manages the internal work of the Chamber's administrative affairs and editorial affairs. 
  • The General Secretary prepares the agenda of the organ meetings; ensures that the invitations and agenda of the meetings are sent to the members in a timely manner; prepares the minutes of these meetings; keeps and signs the decision summaries; keeps the attendance table, attendance charts of the organ meetings and the electronic records of the decisions made in the meetings.
  • The General Secretary follows up the decisions taken by the organs and ensures that these decisions are executed in a timely manner.
  • The General Secretary makes suggestions to the Board of Directors regarding hiring, firing, rewarding, punishing and promoting the Chamber staff.
  • The General Secretary supervises the work of the Chamber personnel and provides the necessary orders and instructions to them.
  • The General Secretary ensures that independent expenditures are submitted to the Board of Directors for approval and informs the Board of Directors about weekly expenses.
  • The General Secretary prepares monthly trial balance and transfer requests; prepares the preparation budget, income statement, post-closing trial balance; submits them to the Board of Directors.
  • The General Secretary makes the essential preparations for annual report developed by the Board of Directors and presented to the Assembly on the activity of Chamber within a year and economic and industrial situation of the region.
  • The General Secretary carries out the procedures for keeping, updating and deleting member’s records within the framework of legislation and relevant organ decisions.
  • The General Secretary exercises the authority assigned by the Board of Directors.
  • The General Secretary carries out the duties assigned by the Assembly and the Board of Directors within the scope of TOBB Law No. 5174 and related legislation.


Deputy General Secretary performs the above-mentioned duties on behalf of the General Secretary when he/she is absent.

Unit Staff


Yusuf İzzettin İymen
Yusuf İzzettin İymen
+90 (342) 221-0900 (-)
+90 (342) 230-1682
M. Sermest Çapan
M. Sermest Çapan
Assistant Secretary General
+90 (342) 221-0900 (171-172)
+90 (342) 230-1682
İbrahim Çalı
İbrahim Çalı
Assistant Secretary General
+90 (342) 503-0110 (-)
+90 (342) 503-0044