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Internal Services Coordinator

It provides monitoring and control of all units working under the coordinatorship and all in-house services. It provides feedback and transfers to the General Secretariat and the Board of Directors regarding the issues.



  • Monitoring and evaluating all activity results of the Financial Affairs Department and giving feedback to the Secretary General.
  • To monitor and evaluate the activity results of the Information Technologies Unit for the establishment of the information systems infrastructure of the Chamber, the production, collection, accumulation, processing, recovery, dissemination and protection of information and to report back to the Secretary General.
  • Reporting the follow-up of the chamber's manpower planning and personnel policies to the Secretary General with the feedbacks received from the Human Resources Unit
  • To follow up all the legal activities of the Chamber through the Legal Unit,
  • Monitoring and evaluating all activity results of the Administrative Affairs and Purchasing Unit and presenting the feedback to the Secretary General
  • To ensure the coordination of the departments and employees affiliated with them and with other coordinatorships/directorates/ departments.
  • To report and make recommendations to the GSO Secretary General.