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  • To determine the legal policies and approaches to be followed by GSO and its affiliate.
  • To ensure that the chamber and its affiliates act in accordance with the legal regulations to which they are subject.
  • To manage and coordinate the legal processes related to the activities of the institution.
  • Responding to letters from courts, enforcement offices and administrative authorities regarding the Chamber and its affiliates, and following up and recording the processes.
  • Concluding the lawsuits and proceedings related to the members/employees, services and aids of the institution and third parties to which the Chamber is a party, and ensuring that the notifications to be made to the Institution by the administrative and judicial authorities are fulfilled.
  • Ensuring the preparation of power of attorney, undertaking, contract, specification, notice, undertaking, suretyship and similar legal texts.
  • Carrying out relations with 3rd parties providing this service in cases where legal services are obtained from outside.
  • Regulatory follow-up and giving opinions on legal issues.
  • Examining the reports of the audit activities carried out for the unit and implementing the necessary corrective - preventive actions.
  • Preparation of the unit's activity plan and budget.
Beste Kayaalp
Beste Kayaalp
Lawyer-Assistant Specialist
+90 (342) 221-0900 (176)
+90 (342) 230-1682