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Social media and Digital Communication

It announces the activities of Gaziantep Chamber of Industry to the public through social media in order to increase the awareness of the Chamber and strengthen its corporate image.


  • Publishing news, important announcements and visuals about chamber activities on social media.
  • To make regular updates on the website of the chamber regarding the press activities, to publish the prepared news, important announcements and images on the news portal of the chamber.
  • Creating and implementing a social media strategy through research, benchmarking and audience identity analysis.
  • Procuring and/or creating sharing contents, checking the contents if they are prepared by a different unit, and preparing them for publication.
  • Preparing or ensuring the preparation of visual design and video productions to be shared.
İdris Deniz
İdris Deniz
+90 (342) 221-0900 (344)
+90 (342) 230-1682
Tacettin Boran
Tacettin Boran
Assistant Specialist
+90 (342) 221-0900 (335)
+90 (342) 230-1682