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GSOMEM (Gaziantep Chamber of Industry Vocational Training Center) was established, in order to train qualified personnel for the needs of Gaziantep industry by examining the examples of various vocational training centers in Europe and other regions of our country, in cooperation with İpekyolu Development Agency and Gaziantep Chamber of Industry, approximately 10 thousand square meters closed area was founded in.

Within the center, there are vocational training workshops, laboratories and administrative training halls. In the center, trainings are given to young people who want to have a profession, women with disabilities, and all unemployed people who come to Gaziantep by migration and can be considered as disadvantaged group. In the center, enterprises that have shortage of qualified personnel in various occupational fields, people who want to improve their individual qualifications and increase their employability in support of the concept of lifelong learning, people who are not satisfied with their current working areas and who want to earn more income by developing themselves in different occupations can also receive training. GSO Vocational Training Center serves as yan Examination and Certification Center eğitim in addition to training activities.


Yusuf İzzettin İymen
Yusuf İzzettin İymen
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