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Obligation of Becoming A Member

Gaziantep Chamber of Industry membership in the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey No. 5174 Act is mandatory in accordance with Article 9.

The article regarding the obligation is as follows;

Law No. 5174 ”Article 9”

Merchants registered in the trade registry and all natural and legal persons holding the title of industrialist according to Article 5 and their branches and factories must register in the chamber where they are located. Member registrations to be made according to the professional groups are kept up to date in the common database organized by the Ministry and the Union in electronic environment.

The application of this law, which is attached to a center, does not carry out industrial activities and commercial activities on its own and stores, which have independent capital and / or independent accounting within the working area of the chamber where the center is located or in the other chamber, and / or whose accounting is kept in the center and that there is no independent capital  in terms of implementation of the law.

In the provinces where industrial chambers are established, industrialists fulfill the obligation to register with the chamber of commerce by registering with the chamber of industry. The commercial works of the owners of industrial enterprises as a requirement of their industrial works do not eliminate their industrial character; they can also register with the chamber of commerce if they wish.

If industrialists open more than one sales point to sell their industrial products, they have to register with the chamber of commerce and industry or commerce where there are more sales points; they are also obliged to register with the chamber of commerce and industry or the chamber of commerce if they engage in any other commercial activity other than the sale of their industrial products.

The economic institutions and their branches, all of whose capital belongs to the State and private administrations or municipalities or their partnerships, have been established by special law or contract.

Real and legal persons who are obliged to register to the chambers and their branches shall not be obliged to be a member of other professional organizations, unions and establishments in the nature of public institutions and to pay dues.

Those who fail to fulfill the registration requirement within one month shall be registered ex officio by the chambers and the situation shall be notified to them.