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Accreditation Monitoring Committee


  • To prepare the Strategic Plan for at least 4 years.
  • To monitor the Objectives of the Prepared Strategic Plan with Annual Business Plans.
  • Evaluating the results with Annual Activity Reports, Annual Business Plans, and budget forecast reports.
  • To submit all these works to the approval of the Board of Directors of the Chamber and to implement the decisions taken by the Board of Directors in this context.
  • Actively participating in the Strategic Plan and TOBB Accreditation System studies as a member of the Accreditation Monitoring Committee.
  • To hold the Ordinary Meetings of the Accreditation Monitoring Committee every 3 months within the scope of:
  • It meets normally, once every 3 months. Extraordinary meeting may also be held at the request of the President or upon the call of any 3 members.
  • Decisions are taken with at least 3 members.
  • The decisions taken are recorded in the Decision Book with the signatures of the participants.
  • • Decision Book is submitted during development visits and audits.