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In the late 80’s, a quite considerable manufacturing sector has been established in Unaldi area, Nizip Street, the Small Industrial Site, the Sample Industrial Site and the Second Industrial Area. Therefore the issues regarding transportation, infrastructure, energy and environment were beginning to seperate with usual trading issues. With the new problems, the needs and expectations of industrialists were differentiating. The establishment serving back then called “Gaziantep Chamber of Industry and Commerce” was re-established as “Gaziantep Chamber of Industry” by industrialists huge efforts in 1989 with the Law of Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges No. 5174. 

As it is stated in the law, the GCI is founded as a public corporation with the legal entity in order to fullfill the common needs of the members; facilitate the proffesional activities; help to improve the proffessions in accordance with the general interests; protect and dominate the solidarity, discipline and morality of relationships for both in between members and public; perform the tasks stated in the law regarding the services and duties given to the Chamber.

Gaziantep Chamber of Industry has accomplished its corporate development by aiming to improve its service quality continiously since it was established and with the experience it had, the GCI completed many projects to benefit the members.