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Internal Audit


  • GSO and its subsidiaries; Conducting audits, examinations and investigations on behalf of the GSO Board of Directors in the light of internal and external legislation, internationally accepted auditing standards and relevant regulations,
  • To carry out research activities, to carry out audits, examinations and investigations on the subjects requested by the Board of Directors,
  • To ensure the preparation, budgeting and systematic implementation of the annual audit work program,
  • Financial, administrative, bylaws, etc. To ensure the control of audit procedures and principles in line with the instructions and procedures on the subject,
  • To examine the performance indicators determined for each unit in line with the objectives of the institution, to report the results and the reasons for success/failure,
  • To ensure the execution of programmed and/or non-program audit, examination and investigation activities, which include corrective, preventive, remedial and developmental suggestions for the activities of the units,
  • To obtain information and opinions from experts in case of need in audit, examination and investigation activities,
  • To report the results of the work (activity reports) to the Board of Directors annually or more frequently,
  • Activity reports; ensuring that it is informative of key audit findings, recommendations, and significant deviations from the audited unit's approved work plans, workforce plans and budget, and their causes.
  • To follow professional developments and legal regulations.
  • To carry out internal audit activities in accordance with the TOBB Accreditation system.