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Purchase Guidance Committee


  • Purchasing all kinds of fixtures, consumables and packaging materials required by the quality system. Purchasing raw materials in line with the financing structure of the chamber.
  • To create an approved supplier list and an unapproved supplier list by researching and evaluating approved supplier companies.
  • Keeping records within its responsibility.
  • Power to make recommendations to the Secretary-General on matters that exceed his powers to express his duties.
  • The purchasing commission is determined by the management and the purchasing works are carried out by this commission.
  • Not fulfilling the duties specified in this regulation properly, using his/her authority on time and in place, not reaching the determined purchasing target due to negligence of his/her duty and not meeting the determined standards, He is responsible to the Secretary General for the services and work of all personnel.
  • To identify the nonconformities in the product and service stages during the operation of the unit, to suggest preventive actions, to record these in the form and to report them to the Quality Management Representative,
  • To act in accordance with the general operating instructions of the room,
  • To perform the duties assigned to him by the laws and regulations numbered 5174,
  • To perform other duties assigned by the regulations and other legislation, and the duties to be assigned by the Assembly, the Board of Directors or the Chairman of the Board, the Secretary General and the Deputy Secretary General within the framework of the legislation