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Capacity Report

What is capacity report:

Capasity Report is a document which shows the production power of all public and private sector organizations that make production and is valid for 2 years from the date of approval.

In addition to the company's contact information, capacity reports include annual production capacities, machinery, raw materials used, capacity calculations and capital and employment.

In order to prepare capacity reports, the company must first become a member of the Chamber. If your company is not a member of the Chamber, you can register with the Chamber’s Registry Department.

Purpose of Capacity Report:

Capacity reports are issued to determine the industrial production capacity of the country, to establish an industrial information system in order to shed light on economic and strategic plans and programs, to obtain industrial registration certificate, to receive incentives, allocations, tenders and some documents.

Legal Basis of Capacity Report:

  • Decision of the Council of Ministers numbered 7/9914 published in the Official newpaper dated 28.5.1975,
  • No. 5174 Turkey Chambers and Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges law
  • Industrial Registration Law No. 6948,

Where Capacity Report is Used:

  • Investment Incentive Certificate
  • Inward Processing Permit
  • For Industrial Registration Certificate applications
  • Various import and export transactions
  • In the tender
  • In credit supply
  • KOSGEB support applications
  • Applications for participation in international fairs
  • Tax examinations
  • Permission and certificate applications given by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization
  • Quota allocation
  • Domestic Goods Certificate application
  • Preparing the Industry Database

Capacity Report Areas:

Capacity reports are prepared for workplaces that produce a new product in series or as a standard by processing the raw material, semi and full products by using propulsion force such as machine, device and machine in order to partially or completely change the feature, content, composition or shape. It is also arranged for those who operate the places where underground resources are extracted and processed, those who produce information technology and software, and the production areas determined by the Board of Directors of the Association.

Preparation of capacity reports:

All industrial enterprises are obliged to determine their capacities in accordance with the Council of Ministers Decision dated 16/05/1975 and numbered 7/9914.

In order to prepare a capacity report, it is necessary to have the building belonging to the workplace, to have water and electric energy, machinery and equipment installed, to be registered in the trade registry where the workplace subject to the capacity report is located and to be registered to the Chamber.

Where the chambers of commerce and industry are separated, capacity reports for industrialists are issued by the chamber of industry.

(Chamber Transaction Regulation Article 41)

Review and Approval of Capacity Reports:

Authorization given by the Law No. 5174, Chamber Proceedings Regulation and applicable methods and capacity reports, which are organized by our chamber according to the criteria Turkey Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges (TOBB) are reviewed and approved.

Documents to be requested from the companies:

The following information and documents are requested from the companies for the workplace where the capacity report will be prepared.

  1. Photocopies of SSK declarations for the last two months
  2. Lease agreement if machinery or building is leased
  3. Copy of the title deed if the workplace is the firm's own property
  4. Invoice photocopies if the machines are the property of the company (G.G.B and invoice photocopies if imported)
  5. Balance Sheet (for the previous year)
  6. Signature Circular
  7. Photocopy of electricity bill for the last two months
  8. TOBB Memo (regarding the deposit of the capacity report approval fee)

Important Notes:

  • In order to issue a capacity report to a workplace, machinery and equipment must be installed and operational in the workplace.
  • The lease term of machinery and equipment shall not be less than one year.
  • If the mining license is rented in the mines, the lease agreement is requested.
  • No capacity report is issued according to the proforma invoice.

Capacity Report Fees:

Fees must be paid to receive a capacity report to both our chamber and Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Association (TOBB).

Fee for TOBB:

For the capacity reports applied between 01.01.2022 and 31.12.2022, it is necessary to deposit 700 TL with the title of the company applying the capacity report to any of the TOBB account numbers listed below and the original receipt must be added to the capacity application form.








TOBB-Kapasite Bedelleri






TOBB-Kapasite Bedelleri






TOBB-Kapasite Bedelleri






TOBB-Kapasite Bedelleri






TOBB-Kapasite Bedelleri






Fee For The Chamber:

During the stage of making the Capacity Report application, you need to pay the Capacity Report Arrangement fee by cash, credit card or EFT to the accounting of the Chamber. You can get information from our Chamber Industry Department about the amount of the fee to be paid to our room.

Application for Capacity Report:

In order to prepare the Capacity Report on behalf of your company, it is necessary to fill in the online Capacity Application Form below and print it out and sign it with the official person authorized by the firm and apply to the Chamber together with the annexes. In addition, after you fill in the form online and submit the form you have filled in with the “PRE-APPLY TO THE CHAMBER ”tab, the Chamber will be able to make a program for the Expertise Report.

Online Application Service is under construction and will be opened soon.

At this stage, for the Capacity Report Application, the following Capacity Application Form should be printed and filled out and applied to our Chamber.

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