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Industrial Structure

Gaziantep Industry

In terms of regional capacity, employment capacity and export potential, Manufacturing Industry stands out as one of the most powerful aspects of Gaziantep among other economic units.

Gaziantep manufacturing industry has the most dynamic industrial power in the region with its qualified personnel structure and experience accumulation from the past. As a general structure, it is noteworthy that in addition to small workshops and factories, the large facilities are numerous in number, capacity and employment. In many sectors of industry in Gaziantep is the most important production center in Turkey. By supporting this situation with the international fairs it organizes, it increases its industry and production power to higher levels.

Textile Industry

Textile industry in Gaziantep mainly concentrated on the production of raw materials and semi-finished products. Gaziantep textile industry in the direction of the production of machine made carpets and synthetic yarns needed for the production of machine made carpets are concentrated. There has been an increase in the number of enterprises producing polyester, texturized polyester yarn and spun polyester yarn, which have recently become widespread in the production of machine made carpets. In this way, by continuing to create new trends in the production of machine-made carpets maintain their position as Turkey's most important production center.

In terms of the number of firms, the most manufactured textile branches can be listed as follows;

  • Acrylic Yarns
  • Polypropylene Yarns
  • Polyester Yarns
  • Machine Carpet
  • Tufting Woven Carpets
  • Non-slip carpet
  • Cotton (Open-End, Combed, Vortex) Yarn
  • Polypropylene bags and bags (laminated and non-laminated)
  • Non Woven Fabric
  • Knitwear Knitwear-Clothing (Sweater, Jacket, Cardigan)
  • Combed Garment Clothing (Trousers, Shirt, Jacket, T-shirt, Tracksuit Tk, Underwear etc.)

Food Industry

Food sector is the most important sector in Gaziantep manufacturing industry after textile sector in terms of number of establishments and employment. Although Gaziantep is not an agricultural province, many agricultural products are processed in and around Gaziantep. In addition, studies on organic food products are continuing.

Food industry mainly manufacturing issues are as follows;

  • Wheat flour
  • Findings
  • Pasta, Noodle and Semolina
  • Vegetable oils and margarine
  • Cocoa products
  • Confectionery and sugar products
  • Powder drinks
  • Tahini, Halva, Jam
  • Gaziantep Baklava
  • Pistachio processing
  • Nuts processing
  • Pulses processing and packaging
  • Egg
  • Frozen Food Products

Metal and Machinery Industry

The metal and machinery industry in Gaziantep has developed based on the food, textile and plastic industries which are the main industrial branches of our city. Gaziantep mill machinery, agricultural machinery, textile machinery and spare parts issues has an important place in Turkey. Turkey Gaziantep manufacturing sub-sectors within the metal industry machine which have a significant share in the metal industry are listed below.

  • Mill Machinery Manufacturing (bulgur, pasta, flour, lentil, etc.)
  • Carpet sub-industry machines (carpet shaving, bobbin, finishing, back plucking, etc.)
  • Carpet washing and drying machines
  • Fancy twisting machines
  • thread fixing machines
  • BCF spinning machines and auxiliary machines (burner furnaces, etc.)
  • Plastic shoe injection machines (Polyurethane, PVC, etc.)
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Safes
  • Pressure Vessels, Warehouses, Boilers
  • Escalator

Chemical Industry

Gaziantep chemical industry started with the production of raw materials needed by the textile industry and later with the plastic shoe industry. Blend oil, textile dyes manufacturing and textile dyeing processes, plastifans used in plastic shoe manufacturing, traditional soap manufacturing, which are needed by the textile sector, have been the most important items in the formation and development of the sector. Gaziantep sub-sectors which have an important share in the production of chemical substances and products are as follows :

  • Faux Leather
  • Glue
  • Masterbatch paint
  • Textile dyeing
  • Soap, detergent, shampoo
  • Construction paint-thinner b.

Plastic Industry

Plastic sector is one of the most important sectors for Gaziantep with its capacity, employment and added value. Gaziantep is one of the cities where some plastic raw materials (Acrylic, Polypropylene and Polyester) are consumed most in the world. These raw materials are used in the textile sector for carpet, knitwear, sack weaving and non-woven fabric manufacturing.

Sub-sectors which have a significant share in the plastics sector in Gaziantep are as follows.

  • PVC door-window profile
  • PP and PE packaging film (including OPP & BOPP)
  • PU, PVC and EVA shoe-slippers
  • PP sacks, PP yarn - fabric

Shoes, Leather And Processed Leather Products

Although there is a large raw and processed leather potential in Gaziantep, the leather industry has not developed sufficiently. Leathermaking is collected in the region by simple processing methods and sent to various leather processing centers.

Until 2000, the existing leather and shoe factories in Gaziantep were generally built as small workshops. As a result of the works started in 1990, a modern Gaziantep Shoemakers Industrial Site üzerine was established in 2000 on an area of 163.000 m2 with 300 workplaces. Generally, 70% of the production is carried out by technological machines in this site where there are companies dealing with roller type shoes and shoe side works. Each model manufactured in the site with a 100% occupancy rate and quality shoes are marketed throughout the country.

In 2016, GCI started the establishment of Gaziantep Shoes Specialized OIZ, and in 2017, site selection, permitting and other establishment activities are continuing.

GCI also continues its efforts to expand the vision of the sector with GAPSHOES International Fair, which is organized twice a year in summer and winter.

Sub-sectors that have an important share in this sector are as follows:

  • Slippers worn at home and outside (made of PVC, PU, EVA raw materials)
  • Men's shoes made of leather and artificial leather
  • Shoe and slipper soles and counts
  • All kinds of shoes and slippers accessories

Wood Products And Furniture Sector

This sector, which is structured as small and medium-sized industrial enterprises, mostly operates within the Small Industrial Estate. In order to meet the local and domestic demand, micro or small scale companies continue their production.

This sector has the most potential for development in Gaziantep. With the knowledge of small firms, manufacturing habits can be made to provide more added value to Gaziantep and the country with appropriate trainings and planned management systems. The investment to be made by domestic and foreign investors in this sector in our city has a high export potential to the countries of the region with the manufacturing capability of the sector.

Manufactoring Of Paper Products

Gaziantep is engaged in the production of corrugated cardboard and cardboard boxes and cardboard tubes in the paper products sector. Corrugated cardboard and cardboard boxes are used as packaging material in food and textile sectors. The companies that manufacture cardboard bobbins meet the needs of the companies that manufacture yarn and carpet in the textile sector and all kinds of plastic films and greenhouse covers in the plastics sector.