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Tobb Gaziantep Young Entrepreneurs Board Delegation, coordinated by the Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce (GTO) visited Gaziantep Model Factory.

TOBB Gaziantep Young Entrepreneurs Board Delegation Executive Commitee Chairman İbrahim Sarıca and Board Members met Gaziantep Chamber of Industry (GSO) Board Member and Model Factory Project Manager, Başar Küçükparmak during their visit to the Model Factory.

During the visit which the joint strategies that can be developed within the scope of the services offered by the Model Factory were evaluated, the steps that can be taken to include young entrepreneurs in the training and practices provided by the center were discussed. During the visit, the delegation which toured the machinery park was informed about the process of transferring the theoretical concepts related to lean production and digital transformation in the Model Factory into practice, and the achievements attained by the company representatives by reflecting the experiences they have gained there to the business processes.

Stating that the Model Factory was implemented in order to create an infrastructure in line with the need for Industry 4.0 and digital transformation, Başar Küçükparmak, GSO Board Member and Model Factory Project Manager, said that companies that adopt the trainings on production efficiency and digital transformation have gained significant advantages.

Noting that the first demo studies were carried out with six different companies at the Model Factory, Küçükparmak said, “We provide both training and consultancy services about increasing efficiency in production. Our next step will be digital transformation. It is not possible to transition to digital transformation without creating lean production conditions. Companies must first establish efficiency and lean production, and then move on to digital transformation. We are preparing the infrastructure for this at Gaziantep Model Factory. The trainings and other services provided in our center are of great importance for Gaziantep's economy. Unfortunately, Gaziantep is not very familiar with issues such as productivity, lean production, 5s and kaizen in production. These issues will make a very serious difference for Gaziantep companies. Productivity increases of 70 percent and close to 100 percent have been achieved in  the six companies we serve. We were pleased to host the TOBB Gaziantep Young Entrepreneurs Board Delegation at our center. Thank you for your kind visit.”

Expressing that the works carried out at the Model Factory are of great importance for Gaziantep and the industry in the region İbrahim Sarıca, TOBB Gaziantep Young Entrepreneurs Board  Delegation Executive Commitee Chairman, also used the following statements in his speech:

“The Gaziantep Model Factory, where its activities we have examined on-site and its training we have learned should be considered as an important chance for our region. As young entrepreneurs, we will closely follow the services of Model Fabrika in line with our goal of keeping up with the technology of the age, and we will try to benefit from the center's training and practices at the maximum level. As young entrepreneurs, we are aware that we need to be prepared for the future and this is very important for the sustainability of our industry and economy. That's why we wanted to see the Model Factory closely today. I would like to thank the Gaziantep Chamber of Industry Board Member Başar Küçükparmak and the entire board of directors for their hospitality.”