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KAGIDEM Women Entrepreneur Support Center Project

KAGIDEM Women Entrepreneur Support Center Project


Gaziantep Women Entrepreneur Support Center (KAGIDEM) was established in cooperation with Gaziantep Chamber of Industry (GSO), İpekyolu Development Agency (İKA) and Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality. In order to increase women entrepreneurship in our country and to take part in women labor market as an entrepreneur especially in manufacturing sector;

  • Gather them together and make them support each other,
  • Collective trainings about entrepreneurship support of various institutions / organizations,
  • Facilitate their entry into the business world,
  • Career opportunities have created the need to establish a “support center acak to advise women on job opportunities.

With the project;

  • Women in Gaziantep who have entrepreneurship potential can work, train, consult, etc. services,
  • Except for women, all individuals who want to participate in the labor market as entrepreneurs, training, counseling, mentoring and so on. the services,
  • The establishment of a center where new investment areas for the service and production sectors in our province and region will be revealed and new initiatives can be ensured to be on solid ground,

Depending on the activities of the Center;

  • Increasing the number of enterprises in our province and region
  • It is aimed to increase the employment rate in our province and region.


  • Easy access from all parts of the city,
  • Opportunity to be in the same environment with 28 different women entrepreneurs,
  • Export support programs from the organization,
  • Trainings, Mentorship, Expert support,
  • Nursery service,
  • Low cost workshop allocation,
  • KAGIDEM provides many support such as the possibility to join the e-commerce network.

Who can apply to KAGIDEM?

  • 18-50 age range,
  • Having a business idea for “MANUFACTURING,,
  • All women who have a portion of the equity required for the business idea can apply